Saturday, February 4, 2012

What are some cute country/redneck boy and girl names?

I am very country and i was wondering what some good country or redneck girl AND boy names are.

I would prefer the girls middle name to be rena and the boys middle name to be lee as these were passed down.

Thanks!What are some cute country/redneck boy and girl names?


thats all I got =D
Lesley, Anna, Alicia, Wendy, Whitney, Laura, Lauren, Colleen, Maureen, Colette, Naiden, Sasha, Ruth, Ruthie, Anne, Jessica, Bess, Carrie, Crystal, Diane, Debbie, Pasty, Ashley, Pam, Lorlene, Marlene, Darlene, Sharlene, Sharon, Karen, Sue, Susie, Sueanne, Susan, Bobbie, Jessie, Jackie, Malinda, Belinda, Bethany, Beth, Rabecca, Tina, Trina, Audrey, Alice, Linda, Paula

gorgie,billy,austin,trevor,seth,danny,…What are some cute country/redneck boy and girl names?
boys ;

Nash, Jesse, Clint, Sawyer, Beau, Hunter, Jackson, Brooks, Dallas, Ryder, Austin, %26amp; Wyatt.

girls ;

Molly, Nellie, Caroline, Paisley, Cheyenne, Mabel, Annabelle, Josie, Savannah, %26amp; Sierra.

?What are some cute country/redneck boy and girl names?
Jesse, Josiah, Caleb, Wayne

Mackayla, Abigail

I don't really know how you define 'redneck' names though...
For the Girl:

Peggy Rena

Luann Rena

Susie Rena

Rena Jean

Billy Rena

Joanne Rena

Daisy Rena

June Rena

Jilly Rena

Libby Rena


Bobby Lee

Jimmy Lee

Robbie Lee

Jackie Lee

Tucker Lee

Dustin Lee

Hank Lee

Carver Lee
Cody, Austin, jesse.

Kacey, Kelsey, Emily
Whenever I do have a child my baby names are Adelaide Mae %26amp; Dominic Kane. I think they both sound a tad bit redneck, %26amp; I'm quite okay with that (:
Wrangler Tripp Westley Wyatt Branson Dillion Weston Hunter Rebel Blayton Jude Jesse Kash Rowdy Lane
Billy-Bob and Daisy-Mae
There's no such thing as "cute" redneck names in my book. Just my opinion....
Billie Joe, Bobby Jean, and I don't know for girls...

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